Third Phase, Inc.

Reverend Ruth Thalman & Reverend Betty Violette had the vision to establish Hamilton County’s first (and remains today as the county’s only) homeless shelter.  In November 1980, they found a 33 room, 20,000 sq. ft. mansion on 9 1/2 acres of rolling hills in Noblesville, IN. They moved-in on a lease and prayed through 19 years with mountain-moving faith. They were finally able to secure the necessary funding to pay off the mortgage in 1999.

For 37 years, "Aunt Ruthie” and best friend Betty "Mom" Violette have ministered Godly love and provision to people in three phases of human need: Physical, Mental and Spiritual.  From this foundational premise, the name “Third Phase” has its origins.

The operations grew from an emergency homeless shelter to also include ministries of a food pantry, a food pantry distribution network, and a thrift store.

The current Board of Directors manage all phases of this operation with the help of MANY volunteers.